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Temporary exhibitions

Before the tour, you can visit a temporary exhibition.


From Saint-Malo to Quebec , 400 years ago ...



This exhibition depicts the events leading to the founding of Quebec :

first contact with the American Indians, fishing,  the fur trade and other commercial enterprises, Dupont-Gravé, Champlain, the colony ...


Exhibition presently being shown at the museum (written in french)


Entrance free





Jacques Cartier, a witness of his time

Jacques Cartier a witness of his time

The union of Brittany and France, the wars of Italy, the great discoveries are events wich have preceded the voyages of Cartier and the discoveries of Canada.


The themes developed in the exhibition recall the reasons that motived the French to look for a new passages to reach China. (in french)


Exhibition available for rent


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Chateaubriand in America

exhibition available for rent

In french

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