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Jacques Cartier owner of a Manor House

Limoëlou Manor House - 1858

Limoëlou Manor House - 1858

In 1541, before his last trip to Canada, Cartier acquired a small XVth century farm house

After his last trip he transformed the farm house into a splendid country manor. The new addition to the house was most notably a three stories section with a tower adding opulence to the house. Therefore, we often refer to Cartier's manor as the first Malouinière.


After his last voyage, Cartier split his time between his residence in Saint-Malo, on Buhen Street (now Chateaubriand street) and his manor, the latter is the only building remaining where Cartier lived.


At the beginning of the XVIIth century, the manor become a farm house and remained as such until 1978.