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Maisons des Illustres (Illustrious Houses)

Label Maisons des Illustres (Illustrious Houses)

Created in 2011, the label "Maisons des illustres" identifies locations vowed to preserve and transmit the heritage of illustrious women and men in the political, social and cutural domains in France. This label is attributed by the Ministry of Culture for a 5 years renewable mandate. It is an official recognition of the patrimonial interest of the building and it gives the location many perks. This network is now constituted of 226 sites.

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Born in Saint Malo, Jacques Cartier (1491-1557) is considered as the discoverer of the Canada in 1534. Mandated by the king Francis the 1st, the navigator made 3 voyages to the New World looking for a passage to reach Asia. He, most notably, explored the St-Lawrence gulf and river before naming the area "Canada" during his first voyage in 1535. First explorer to do the St-Lawrence cartography, Cartier effectively opens the north american continent for the kingdom of France through the St-Lawrence river. After his third voyage, Cartier settled in a 15th century farmhouse that he transformed into a countryside mansion, adding a third floor and a tower. The Limoëlou mansion is often referred as the precursor of the "malouinières", countryside houses for the people from Saint-Malo.